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Voice Piano

Janelle’s musical interest began in childhood when she discovered a passion for belting out show tunes and 80's pop hits. She pursued that interest by becoming professionally trained in voice and piano by a top Broadway teacher based in New York. She later went on to study voice and music in college and traveled in various professional choirs during her studies at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ. Janelle finished her Bachelor's degree in Music at California State University Northridge with an emphasis in music therapy.

She has been teaching piano and voice to all ages and levels for over five years. As a teacher she finds it rewarding to see her music students grow and flourish as musicians. Janelle emphasizes the importance of learning the rudiments of music to build a good foundation (scales, chord vocabulary, theory, song-composition, performing techniques), while also being fun and creative throughout the lessons. She bases the lessons on whatever the interests and strengths are for the student. For example, if a student prefers pop over classical, then she will focus on pop. Janelle loves teaching music; the genre is up to you. For students who show an interest in songwriting, she can tailor specific lessons towards composition of music and lyrics if so desired.

Writing and Yoga

Janelle knew Molly and Travis before there was a Molly's Music - or a Molly and Travis - when they all met in a yogaworks certification class.

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