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Since the young age of three, Gregory has taken every opportunity to pursue and explore the vast world of music. He began by singing in church youth gospel choir, and since then has broadened his experience to include musical genres such as pop R&B, electronic, jazz, classical, musical theater, country, and many more. After gaining much experience learning music aurally, Gregory soon found a yearning to extend his knowledge, and began to gain skills as a self-taught instrumentalist. As a professional vocalist, recording artist and pianist, he continues to further his skills as a musician by working to become proficient in other instruments, such as bass, drums, and guitar.

He has had the opportunity to teach and perform for the “Monterey Next Generation Jazz Camp,” at schools of the Val Verde Unified school district, and nation wide, as well as traveling internationally to Austria, Germany, and Canada. Throughout his career, Gregory has learned from many influential teachers and musicians, all of whom have helped to mold his outlook on music and feed his passion for molding beginning musicians and feeding their ambitions. Having spent three years of his childhood working to overcome his own fright of performing, Gregory strives to provide an environment of positivity and comfort in his lessons, focusing on the growth of the student more so than the final goal. He approaches every lesson with the mindset that “We all have something to learn from the music, no matter how long we have been doing it.” It is with that mentality that Gregory continues to encourage his students, and provide realistic and achievable “checkpoints” upon which students can gauge their own growth in a positive lighting.

“Music was never meant to be judged. Since the beginning of time, music was meant to be a form of expression and communication, both interpersonal and intrapersonal. My biggest goal as a teacher is to make reaching my students' musical goals less of a battle, and more of an adventure. Many times, we see obstacles presented to us as a negative thing, when truly, they are really just the next thing we can say we have overcome.” – GREGORY

Cooking, Visiting national parks, Hiking, Going to the beach, Getting lost in new places

Gregory is the lead singer of the rising LA band Milo Bloom and has toured places such as New York, Washington, Boston, California, Austria, Canada and Germany.

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