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At the age of six, Duy's parents took him to his first piano lesson, where he continued studying for five years before moving to the States. In eighth grade, he met an inspiring teacher who gave him free piano lessons during lunch every Tuesday, and as he moved into his teen years, piano became the one thing he could hold onto when life got tough. Duy went on to pursue further education by studying piano under Kim Amin at UCR, where he will be completing his B.A. this year.

Duy's first step with students is to get to know the student's level and learning style, before giving them a foundation in theory and composition to help them learn how to play. He teaches as he has been taught, focusing on quality practice over quantity practice, and guiding students to play slowly and cleanly at first, despite the urge to be fast, but sloppy. His philosophy is to make music fun and as stress-free as possible, so that a student is never nervous or under pressure. Encouragement and patience are his forte in teaching his students.

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When he is not practicing or teaching piano, Duy enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games, and spending time at his favorite card shop.

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