The survey's in, and it says people fear the stage more than they fear death. We think that statistic is insane, so we're working to change it, one happy performer at a time. On top of private performance and audition coaching, we offer a variety of opportunities for adults, teens, and kids to perform in a confidence-boosting, supportive setting.

Seasonal Recitals for Kids and Teens

You bring the talent, and we'll bring the refreshements. Our recitals are open to any student under 18 who has a song to sing or play. Each recital is one-hour long, which we've determined is the best length for impatient younger siblings and busy schedules.

Our next recital is Sunday, December 11. Hope to see you there!

Glee Club

Part of our Just Sing program, Glee Club is based on the ABC hit show. Part group vocal class, part social event, and part performance group, Glee Club practices every week, sings a variety of genres, and performs throughout the county. You can find them caroling in winter, tearing up the OC Fair stage in the summer, and participating at charitable events all year round.

If you're a kid or teen in the Orange County area, and you're interested in becoming a part of one of our Glee Clubs, we'd love to talk to you! Read more on our dedicated Glee Club page.  

Pop Star Camp

In the summer, we offer Pop Star Camp, a week of learning the craft of commercial music singing culminating in a fun performance for parents and friends complete with a live band. Students learn contemporary singing techniques, performance techniques, and song interpretation, while collaborating with other musicians and making like-minded friends.

Popstar Camp

Performance Opportunities for Teens and Adults

(Because that poofy dress looked better when you were 8)

Open Mic Nights

We're a big fan of the word 'kickback' to describe our performance options for teen/adult students. Every so often, we invade Gypsy Den (or a similarly hip cafe), and perform for each other. Everyone is supportive, and we all enjoy nursing beverages and snacks.

Karaoke Nights

Sometimes you just want to do fun, musical activities with like-minded people. It doesn't get much more enjoyable than a Molly's Music karaoke night. Organized by our teacher Janelle, you can look forward to all the performance bravado with none of the pressure or preparation.

Interested in performing with us? Call us at (800) 581-4609, or click here  
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