It’s a well-known problem: music programs are being eliminated from public schools, and even many private schools. With limited funding, these schools need to make decisions about which programs they can offer, and music is typically the first thing to go. These decisions beg the question—what role does music education play in our society?

The fact is that it plays a more significant role than we may think. According to an article in the Washington Post, students who’ve been exposed to music education have a significantly higher probability of finishing a B.A. and a much lower likelihood of dropping out of high school. This is to say nothing of the incomparable pleasure it brings to both musicians and their listeners.

Because we understand the continued importance of a solid music education, Molly's Music offers cost-effective music lessons for all ages. Molly's Music shapes well-rounded musicians from all walks of life.

What Types of Music Lessons Do You Offer?

Molly's Music offers several types of music lessons, including:

1. Voice Lessons

Voice is an instrument like any other; it can be tuned and improved. Whether you enjoy rock music, pop, Broadway, classical, country, jazz or a blend of every type, Molly's Music can give you the guidance you need to maximize your talent and reach the next level in your singing.

2. Piano Lessons

Piano is the foundational instrument that helps you conquer all other forms of music. Because the piano is also a solo instrument, one that you can play without any other accompaniment, many musicians opt to start with this instrument. We can also provide keyboard lessons if you prefer to learn on a smaller instrument than the standard piano.

3. Guitar Lessons

The most common singer-songwriter instrument, the guitar is a much more portable instrument than the piano, so many people love to take it along when they want something to accompany their singing. Learning the guitar is fun, but good players have a foundation that is not to be gained by simply picking up the instrument and strumming. We teach you the foundational knowledge you need to become an excellent guitar player.

4. Other Instruments

Whether you want to learn the violin, the cello or the drum, we can help you with professional music lessons. At Molly's Music, we believe there is a whole world of instruments waiting out there for your discovery!

What Is Molly's Music's Approach to Music Lessons?

At Molly's Music, we believe that in order to excel you have to love what you’re doing, so we work with the music you already know and love. Our philosophy embraces all genres and healthy methods, and our goal is to tailor our lessons to our students’ needs and interests!

At Molly's Music, we hope to inspire more students to pursue and not give up on music, by offering cost-effective, open-minded, and personalized music lessons.

We believe that the best musical performances are created through both diligence and passion, and we’ll do everything possible to nurture your vocal and instrumental talents and produce great musicians. Contact Molly's Music today to discuss your music lesson needs!

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