How Molly's Music Got Started

If you had told us ten years ago that one yoga intensive would give rise to one of the most established music schools in Orange County, we would've said you'd confused the word yoga for something else. But it was a yoga intensive where Molly, an idealistic voice and piano teacher, met two people who would make Molly's Music possible. The first person was Travis, an academic and martial arts buff who would eventually marry Molly and run the 'business' side of the school. Second, came Janelle, a singer-songwriter who would become the first teacher to work by Molly's side. And so it all began.

They cobbled together a Molly's Music brand and continued to do what they did best—teach what they loved. Soon the tiny team had more students than they had room in their schedules, and it was time to recruit more help. Molly's mother, a music teacher herself, assistant-directed OC Glee; Eric, Travis's surrogate brother, built them a website; and Gracie, Molly's real-life sister, joined to take charge of outreach and marketing. Sarah, our beloved music coordinator, was poached from our first few teachers, and she now routinely meets in Molly and Travis's living room for business matters, and—ahem—free muffins.

Deciding how to hire new teachers was tougher. We had this homespun school, staffed by friends and family, so how could we keep the company feeling small and still hire complete strangers? It turns out, there really isn't a formula for this. That's why our teacher interviews cover a lot of ground. A degree in music, teaching accomplishments, and real-world experience all help shape a good candidate, but it's off-paper that we decide who really fits in with our mission and personality. No matter how big the Molly's Music family gets, that's how it will always be.

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