Sure, there are advantages to taking voice lessons at our Costa Mesa and Orange studio locations, but for the busy family, nothing beats the convenience and comfort of having music lessons in your home. Instead of wasting time in traffic, and promising your kids extra iPad time so they'll stop bickering, you can relax at home and wait for your music teacher to arrive. Our at-home music lessons take place all over Orange County, including Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Orange, Santa Ana, Fullerton, and just about every city in the county.


In-Home Voice Lessons

At Molly’s Music, we pride ourselves on our voice lessons. Nearly all of our music teachers offer both singing lessons and piano or guitar lessons. In-home voice lessons are fun and unintimidating because your family members are usually your biggest fans. Our teachers will help you find the best way to record your lesson, because it's indispensable for growing as a singer. The 21st century has made in-home voice lessons easier, and more effective than ever.


In-Home Piano Lessons

Having piano lessons in your home is especially efficient, because students often have an easier time practicing when they’ve learned the material and technique on their own piano or keyboard. For in-home piano lessons, you'll want some kind of piano or keyboard in your home. And if you don’t want to commit to purchasing one, we’re happy to rent one out to you at a nominal cost.


In-Home Guitar Lessons

Taking guitar lessons at home is a breeze. Guitars are portable, so the lesson can take place in any available room in your home—and even outside, if you like! Because the guitar is typically the singer-songwriter instrument of choice, it’s the perfect add-on to your singing lessons. So grab a guitar, decide what kind of music you'd like to work toward, and we'll help you with the rest. It can all happen in your own home until you're ready to go on tour!

Benefits of In-Home Music Lessons

You Can Learn On Your Own Instruments

If you play a keyboard, your piano instructor can show you how to use it effectively or troubleshoot any technical problems you may be having. If you take guitar lessons, you can easily switch between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar without having to lug multiple instruments to a studio.

Your Lesson Books Don't Need to Go Anywhere

When you go to school or work, do you ever find yourself forgetting things you need and knowing that they're right there on your desk at home? When you take in-home lessons, you won't have the hassle of remembering which books to bring. Everything will be right there for you.

You Control the Environment

If you know your 7-year-old son will concentrate best if she takes a break every 15 minutes to grab a handful of grapes from the kitchen, you can easily make this happen. If you know your 4-year-old daughter will only play the piano when all her dolls are watching, you can set up her audience for her before the teacher even arrives.

You Get Additional Practice Time

After music lessons, students are often at their most creative. They've just reinforced some concepts and now wish they had time to play around with their instrument and compose that melody that was flickering through their heads. After an in-home lesson, the teacher leaves, but you can still stay at your instrument and practice. There's no need to hurry out of the room to make way for the next student.

Rescheduling is Easier!

When you take in-home lessons, you only need to work around your schedule and the teacher's schedule. There's no need to worry whether the studio is open at that time.

You Can Conveniently Show Off For Your Neighbors

On a more serious note, when students take in-home lessons with their families in the house, it often makes them less self-conscious to perform in front of other people when they're ready to branch out.

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