All Molly's Music teachers have succeeded in their fair share of auditions. We figured out the hard way what it takes to 'wow' casting directors, competition judges, and university deans, tweaking our performances each time to get better and better. Well, we're ready to pass all those nuances on to you so your FIRST impression can be your BEST impression.

Getting ahead isn't magic. It's psychology.

Succeeding in an audition simply means knowing what your auditioners want and giving it to them. We'll work with you to evaluate your unique situation and determine what you need to succeed. You'll learn to choose the right song, deliver the right monologue, and present yourself in the right way.

What to Expect From Audition Coaching

Our job is to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, bring your weaknesses up to speed, and make your strengths really sparkle. Each student and audition is unique, so sessions will vary dramatically. Audition coaching takes all or some of the following factors into consideration:

If your audition is for a singing-heavy role, it's in your best interest to train your voice as much as possible beforehand. We'll look at the kind of part you're interested in, and make sure your vocal style aligns with it.

In a situation where you get only one chance to shine, choosing the right song is as important as having good technique. We'll help you cut it to the required length, and then work to make your song delivery irresistable.

It's rare that both a student's song and monologue are of the same caliber. We'll help you choose an appropriate monologue, and work with you to deliver it in a way that's sincere and powerful.

We'll practice your overall demeanor in front of the judges. You'll squelch stage fright and foster confidence.

If you need someone to prepare a backing track to your exact specifications, we're the ones to ask. We'll even arrange for a live accompaniest to—ehem—accompany you to the audition if you wish.

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