Your Molly's Music journey may start with a solid foundation in singing or instrument technique, but we'll still be here when you decide to take your musicianship one step further. Learn what it takes to make it, whether it's laying down tracks in the recording booth or sparkling in the limelight.

Learn to sing while playing the guitar or piano, overcome the unique challenges of musical multitasking.

Whether you're looking for a formal recital, or casual open mic nights, we offer many ways to take the stage.

Private coaching in audition preparation for musicals, competitions, conservatories, and art schools like OCSA.

Take the plunge into making your own music. Examine the different building blocks of songs and learn strategies to jumpstart your creative process.

Orange Rhymes is a perfect place to learn how to sing in the recording booth. Record a demo for agencies, or make a holiday album for mom.

Inspired by the hit show, 'Glee,' OC Glee is our youth performance group, where like-minded kids and teens sing together and socialize.

Meet our unique and talented team of teachers!  

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